A Tantra massage is a tantric worship ritual, in which the body is worshipped as a temple of the soul, and the sexual energy as a creative, divine power. The massage invites us to step away from the daily routine and to come closer to yourself. We apply several techniques to wake up and sharpen the senses. The massage includes all of the body, from head to toe, including the intimate areas.

The experience

Today, now, you don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to perform. All your attention can flow inside your self. Experience the intensity of the passive joy.

Candlelight, inspiring perfumes, soft music and cozy warmth are welcoming you. Your masseuse creates a respectful, protected ambience, in which you will soon feel comfortable and secure. With the quality of her touch, her deep knowledge and her tantric attitude she will accompany you, with respect and competence, on a journey to your self. You will feel welcome – just the way you are. Your everyday life will soon disappear in a timeless silence. Your senses are becoming more susceptible: the skin wakes up, the ears swing differently, the nose will perceive smells more intensively.

Strong and soft touches will complement you. Concsious breating supports you on your way to silence and accompanies you in your sensual vitality.

All feelings are allowed and welcome.