About us

In the Zaida we have been offering high-quality massages for many years now. We are member of the TMV (Tantra Massage Verband, ie an association of Tantra massage practices) since it was founded.

We are a small team of women. We are strong, creative personalities, self-confident with ourselves and our dealings with our clients. Our work is based on the values of tantric life philosophy. We know about the connection between spirituality and sexuality, joy of life and health.

Every masseuse in the Zaida has a wealth of experience, often gathered over the course of many years, and complemented with specialised education: Body therapy, meditation, yoga, schamanism and rebirthing are just some examples. The result is a high grade of inner growth and self-experience.

It is our utmost concern to offer you massages of the highest quality. Our tantric attitude, professional competence and our presence of heart are the foundations of this quality. To guarantee these unique qualities in every massage, each masseuse works only a few days a month.

At the Zaida you will find experience and proficiency, but never routine! Every massage is unique, also for us, and you will feel it. Our massages are a matter of the heart, and made it a profession.

We see our dedication in the Zaida as a wonderfull contribution to the cultivation of the sensual experience.


The Zaida was established in 1995. We are one of the very first Tantra-massage practices in Germany. With the founding of the Zaida, the very first Tantra-massage practice in Lower Saxony was born.

When we founded the Zaida we had a vision of making our society familiar with a very special way to be touched: the Tantra massage. We wanted to create an oasis of quietude and sensual vitality. Back then, almost nobody knew what a Tantra massage was, and those who were interested often came (and still come) from afar to experience such an exclusive massage.

In the years that have past, many people have left our premises with beaming eyes and a smiling heart – and some with a new perspective on themselves.

More than a few have learned in the Zaida, and put their new knowledge to work in their personal relationships.

Today, more than 17 years later, Tantra massage is well-known and respected in our society. We regard this as an enrichment to our hectic society which is so void of touch. It is great that we, through our work in the Zaida, have made a contribution to this.